GREEN CLOVER              
ABN 25 104 623 074
Supplier of Organic, Healthy, Natural, Vegan, Vegetarian, 
Probiotic, Fermented and other Alternative Foods
               ABN 25 104 623 074
Supplier of Organic, Healthy, Natural, Vegan, Vegetarian, 
Probiotic, Fermented and other Alternative Foods
  Health is Wealth
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
A. Product Certification
Green Clover has included Organic and other Classification of products in our Product List for the benefit of informing interested customers. It does so based on information provided by manufacturers or suppliers either direct or from the product labels and, hence, is unable to warrant certification of the products.
B. Pricing
- Prices quoted are exclusive of GST.
- List Prices are subject to change without notice.
- Please note quantity or box buy discount.
C. Product Codes
- Please stipulate our product codes when ordering and if possible include item description.
- Kindly note the unit of sale for each product when ordering as they can be sold either in units or in box quantities.
D. Items Not On List
- Customers are more than welcome to call us to check on items not listed in the product list and adequate attempt will be made to provide the necessary information.

Dispatch & Deliveries Policy, Refunds Policy, Payment Terms & Privacy Policy
A. Orders and Delivery
- Order day and Delivery Day is subject to delivery location and customers will be advised.
- Minimum Order Values and Delivery Charges apply, subject to delivery location and order values.
- Delivery of Orders placed on time will be made within 1-5 days from advised Order Day.
B. Claims & Returns
- Customers must advise Green Clover IN WRITING (by fax or email) WITHIN 24 HOURS of short delivered, wrongly delivered, spoilt or damaged goods.
- The delivery driver is NOT in a position to AUTHORISE any credits.
- Box Count as indicated on the invoice has to be signed for upon delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the Box Count is accurate.
C. Refunds and Credit Notes
- All claims and returns are subject to verification and if approved, a Credit Note will be provided.
- The customer can deduct the credit note from the relevant or subsequent invoice.
- Refunds of Credit Notes may be given on request or if the customer is not a repeat customer or does not have a trading account with balance outstanding.
D. Payment Terms
- Payments of Invoices are due Net 7 days from Invoice Date unless otherwise agreed.
E. Privacy Policy
- We require an account to be setup in order to process orders, information required includes;
Business Name, ABN, Contact Persons, Contact Nos, Email Addresses and Delivery Addresses.
- This information is collected just for the purposes of setting up the account and delivering orders.
- Green Clover does not pass these details on to any third parties.

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