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Cold Pressed 'Vegan Probiotic' Juices

Botanica applies years of artisan cold press knowledge to produce nutrient rich juices full of flavour and freshness. Rich chlorophyll, antioxidants and omega3s are extracted at optimum yield & HPP is used to preserve the value of vitamins & enzymes, avoiding destruction caused by thermal pasteurisation.


Botanica partners with Australian farmers to source the cleanest, freshest and in season all Australian fruit and veggies. An ultimate offer in gut flora and digestive support.

Botanica's vegan probiotic spore, BC-30 (Bacillus coagulans), has international validated efficacy for

  -  the support of digestive functions,

  -  immune wellbeing &

  -  protein utilisation.

Scientifically proven to survive 10x longer than yoghurt cultures.

BC-30 improves the condition of the human intestinal  microbiome.

Encourages a happier cleaner environment for  food  to live.