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Kehoe's Kitchen

Organic Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Vegan Cashew Dips

Kehoe’s Kitchen is Australia’s first producer of Certified Organic raw fermented sauerkrauts, award winning kimchi, probiotic cashew cheese and wholefood sparkling probiotic drinks.

By using only Australian certified organic or biodynamic fresh produce Kehoe’s Kitchen is supporting the Australian economy and most importantly our organic farmers and the organic/biodynamic industry. Using the finest organic ingredients results in a superior product with a great texture and no hidden nasties or pesticides.

Kehoe’s Kitchen uses traditional methods including WILD Fermentation to create their delicious probiotic rich Kimchi, Sauerkrauts, Spiced Carrots and Mustard Pickles. “WILD Fermentation means the plentiful naturally selected bacteria already on the fresh certified organic or biodynamic produce populates each batch. This method results in a truly traditional organic/paleo ferment with more diverse strains of beneficial bacteria in a combination formulated by the most qualified nutritionist of all… Mother Nature.